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    “I just wanted to leave some feedback on the note-taking service I have received on a course this year.

    My note-takers are electronic, working jointly in 20-30 minutes slots with professionalism and courtesy and are more than willing to NOT make a point of me standing out as “different” if that was what I wanted, but more than happy to interrupt and ask for clarification from the lecturer once they knew I wasn’t concerned about being deaf just about ensuring I had as much access as possible. They are punctual and professional and also a good laugh! They have interacted with my colleagues where necessary to ensure I have received all the necessary information and have followed through and requested more information where needed. They have also interacted with my lecturers and been proactive in receiving notes in advance of planned lectures so they could set their computers to do the quick word stuff i.e. typing SK for stroke and different lecturer/speaker names etc

    They have clearly and unobtrusively indicated when there is a change in note-taker and there has been no disruption in service. Because I can actually lip-read and the main rationale for note-takers is to ensure I don’t miss anything and to negate the need for taking notes, I can also comment on the fact that the live notes are pretty much on a par with what the lecturer is saying! and definitely better than the subtitles for news at ten!!

    Whilst I am sure this is confidential and not passed to note-takers I am going to name mine as ‘ ***** ‘ and ‘ ****** ‘ and I also had another whose name escapes me but slotted in without me really noticing the difference! I also think that none of these three had worked together before me so this is more amazing that it was so seamless a service!

    Having previously had note-takers in my previous HI education albeit not electronic but handwritten, this standard is fabulous and I am really going to nag my trust to let me do more modules now I know what fantastic support there is…”