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    Month: December 2016

    UKCoD Conference 2016 Report

    Meriel Michaelides represented ANP at UKCoD’s Common Purpose: working together on deafness and hearing loss conference held on 02.11.16. About 60 people attended; most topics were unrelated to notetaking but notetakers might want to contact Silent World Sans Frontieres & CAS Training (Susan Hart), who deliver deaf awareness training ,including to employers.  Do they include notetakers in their resource list/training?


    Perhaps for wider impact, we can develop a contact with Martin McLean of NDCS and NATSip. He said he was going to prepare a database of resources for young adults transitioning to education and work. There is some research to be done yet as he has done quite a bit of work on the topic.  When I enquired if notetakers would be on it, following a moment of silence, he suggested I contact him.  I’ll let you know what happens.

    Association of Lipspeakers AGM 2016 Report

    Dian Donovan (who is also a qualified lipspeaker) attended the Association of Lipspeakers AGM on 5th November 2016

    Lipspeaking AGM was really good as we had a training about what to charge and knowing our worth. Really interesting and I am happy to keep all my notes and share the knowledge when we next have a meeting.

    One of the Lipspeakers who is a lovely pro-active member suggested we may want to do a joint workshop with them in the future plus the Lipreading teachers so that we can share good practice and make better connections.

    I am happy to coordinate this sort of thing.