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    Electronic Notetaking…

    An Electronic Notetaker may provide communication support for D/deaf people who are comfortable reading English at high speed. The Electronic Notetaker produces a real-time summary of what is said using an ordinary laptop computer – usually linked to a second laptop for the client to read from. The laptops are connected by cable, wireless or Bluetooth networking or linked to a braille machine for deafblind clients. At the end of a meeting or event, the Electronic Notetaker should provide a copy of the transcript by email, hard copy or memory stick.

    Although Electronic Notetaking does not produce a verbatim record, a qualified operator is specially trained in condensing language and uses dedicated Notetaking software* with shorthand capabilities to speed up the typing process.This software also enables the client to type messages to the operator and add their own notes to the transcript.

    Electronic Notetakers work in a variety of settings. Bookings can include situations such as Conferences, Training, Staff Meetings, Appraisals, Public Consultations, Disciplinary Hearings. Electronic Notetakers are also widely used within an Educational setting.

    * ANP currently four software systems – SpeedText®, Stereotype®, NoteED® and Text-On-Top.

    "Notetakers work in so many different places. Meeting rooms, lecture theatres, doctors' consulting rooms, recording studios, converted warehouses, Deaf centres, peoples' homes - these are just a few examples of where we work..."