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    Month: November 2012

    Clarion Training Bursary Scheme for Communication Professionals

    We have recently received details of a new bursary being offered by Clarion to communication professionals:

    Clarion’s Training Bursary Scheme for Communication Professionals

    Who is the bursary aimed at?

    Any NRCPD registered  BSL/English Interpreter (or about to register),  Deafblind interpreters, Speech To Text Reporters, foreign slgn language interpreters and Communication Support Workers (CSW).

    What are the aims of the scheme ?

    To support communication professionals working with deaf people

    To contribute financially to their Continuous Professional Development (CPD),

    To contribute to the quality of our interpreting provision and

    To help interpreters who wish  to add to their toolkit of skills.

    How long does it run for?

    Until the end of  March 2013. The training Course must be completed by then with proof of attendance as well as the ability to qualify.  After this, the success of the scheme will be reviewed and possibly repeated.

    Which courses?

    Any interpreter training course that contributes directly to CPD

    Any course resulting in qualified CSW status (e.g. Deafmatters, City Lit, or Cambridge Regional College),

    Any course improving on or adding skills to an already established interpreting base.

    How much is it?

    Between £100- £400 per person depending on the course and the needs of the individual.


    Anywhere in the England or Wales.

    How much is available ?

    We have a total fund of £8,500 until March 2013.


    To find out if you are eligible and for details of how to apply, please go to the Clarion website: