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    Language Service Professionals…

    Some Notetakers decide to specialise as Language Service Professionals (LSPs). The role of an LSP is to facilitate communication between deaf and hearing people by providing live access to spoken English. There are various types of LSPs – including British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreters, Lipspeakers, Speech to Text Reporters (STTRs) and Notetakers. Which type of practitioner is appropriate for the service user will vary according to his/her particular communication requirements and language preference.

    Are Language Service Professionals Monitored?

    Language Service Professionals who are registered with ANP and/or NRCPD (formerly CACDP) adhere to a strict code of ethics. This means they will not offer opinions during an assignment and everything that is said remains confidential.

    The ANP Codes of Practice and Ethics can be found here.

    NRCPD Code of Conduct for Communication Professionals can be found here.

    "Notetakers work in so many different places. Meeting rooms, lecture theatres, doctors' consulting rooms, recording studios, converted warehouses, Deaf centres, peoples' homes - these are just a few examples of where we work..."