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    Digi-notetakers, or hybrid notetakers, combine the ease of handwritten notes with the advantages of electronic notes. There are more qualified manual notetakers than electronic notetakers in the UK. However, many of the clients and students we work with prefer notes that are electronic as they would like to change the font; background colour; size of fonts; and alter the line-spacing. As the notes are computerised, the student/client can also add their own notes if they wish to do so.

    Using a digipen gives some of the advantages of both manual and electronic notes. Digi-notes particularly useful for sciences and other subjects which require diagrams and/or formulae which are difficult for electronic notetakers to capture.

    Tablet PCs or digipens are used in conjunction with traditional A4 paper. The student or client can take hold of the paper notes as soon as the session has finished – this is particularly useful for students who need the lecture notes for the following seminar. The notes can be saved onto a memory stick or saved directly onto a laptop or desktop which is pre-loaded with the appropriate software. The edited notes can then be emailed to the student/client shortly afterwards.

    "Notetakers work in so many different places. Meeting rooms, lecture theatres, doctors' consulting rooms, recording studios, converted warehouses, Deaf centres, peoples' homes - these are just a few examples of where we work..."