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    Code of Practice and Ethics…

    Our Code of Practice and Ethics can be found below:

    Code of Ethics:

    Principles that must underpin the work of the Professional Notetaker:

    • Act justly and fairly towards other people
    • Do no harm
    • Recognise the personal choices another person makes
    • Be honest

    Codes of Practice:

    Issues of professional competence, practice and procedure:

    • Notetakers will always show respect for the people they work for and not discriminate.
    • Notetakers will keep all information strictly confidential and in line with current legislation.
    • Notetakers have the right to only accept assignments that they feel they have sufficient skill and experience to undertake.
    • Notetakers will provide the best notes possible whilst continuing to develop their skills.
    • The notes are the property of the clients/beneficiary(ies) for whom they were taken.
    • Notetakers will endeavour to take down information accurately, remembering they are not responsible for what is said – only for conveying the information through the notes.
    • Notetakers will not offer their advice or opinion on anything discussed by people in the room at an assignment
    • Notetakers will be punctual, preferably arriving before the specified time to ensure the assignment is efficiently and professionally managed.
    • Notetakers will not accept an assignment in a situation or for a subject on which their impartiality could be seriously questioned.
    • Notetakers have the right to refuse an assignment without giving a reason.
    • An assignment once accepted will not be cancelled without giving a reason.
    • If cancellation is unavoidable at short notice, where appropriate, the notetaker will seek a qualified replacement of equivalent skill.
    • Notetakers will dress and act appropriately in all situations.
    • Notetakers will request payment in a professional manner.
    • Notetakers will be aware of the laws pertaining to their professional activities and Notetakers their professional relationship with their client.
    "Notetakers work in so many different places. Meeting rooms, lecture theatres, doctors' consulting rooms, recording studios, converted warehouses, Deaf centres, peoples' homes - these are just a few examples of where we work..."